Canon Announce 4 new Cameras

Canon EOS 100D Front

Canon announced 4 new digital cameras today as follows:

Both EOS models have been going around the various rumour sites for a few weeks now and most of the specifications were correct. The only thing that they got wrong (initially) was the name of the EOS 100D, the sites originally referred to it as the EOS-b. There is a wealth of information out there so I will be brief and list some of the thoughts about these new cameras.

The most interesting of the 4 cameras is I believe the EOS 100D, this is the correct way to release a very small camera that still takes the EF-S and EF lens range (are you watching Pentax) and is essentially an EOS 700D in a much smaller body. The smaller body has sacrificed the articulated screen and some of the buttons, but it is still a very good camera with nearly all of the important controls still available. This also features v2 of the hybrid autofocus system used in Live View and Video modes, whilst no boasts of improved speed are made about v2, the autofocus part of the sensor has increased in size so should help with tracking the correct subject.

Canon EOS 100D Back

How much smaller is this camera? I can recommend two sites that show this information, the first is the ever faithful DPReview who already have a hands-on preview available here. The second is the EOS Watch Canon Rumour site here.

Whilst this is still larger than most Mirror-less cameras (Panasonic’s GH3 is probably the exception here), I am thinking that I might pick up one of these instead of a mirror-less model when I go on my next trip aboard. I can use all of my existing lenses, I only have to invest in one system (batteries and cable releases not withstanding) and I have all of the DSLR controls to hand that I am used to including an ISO control near the shutter release button.

Canon EOS 700D Front

The second EOS model is simply an update to the existing EOS 650D which is an excellent camera with a variable LCD and touchscreen controls (now shared with the EOS M and the new EOS 100D). So what new features does this update bring? A mode dial that can turn 360 degress, v2 of the hybrid Live View/Video AF system and not much else. This is one of the most disappointing and pointless upgrades ever. I mean what is the point? You can see the new features at DPReview here.

Canon EOS 700D Back

To make matters worse, Canon is changing the way that older (Rebel / x00D) models are handled with this introduction. It used to be that the new x00D model would come out and the previous model would remain but at a lower price (I thought cheap 650D then – not bad!). But as the 650D and 700D are so similar in specification they are going to discontinue the 650D and keep the older old model – the 600D which is now 2 generations old. Depending on how aggressive Canon is to have the new model implemented and the older 650D removed might mean some good offers, keep you eyes peeled.

Whilst on the subject of discontinuing existing models from Canon’s line-up, what is going to happen to the not-been-updated-for-a-while EOS 1100D? I wouldn’t be surprised if that model’s position in the line-up is replaced by the EOS 100D – it kind of makes sense.

In conjunction with the new EOS models, Canon also released a new STM lens:

Canon EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

This is the Canon EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens, and is the 5th STM lens released and joins the Canon EF 40mm f2.8 STM and Canon EF-S 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM Lenses for the EOS EF/EF-S mount (both existing EOS M Mount lens are also STM). The STM is s different type of lens motor that is virtually silent when focusing, even quieter that the USM or USM II motors in the other EF and EF-S lenses. This is not a cheap lens and is a marked improvement on the awful EF-S kit lens that is normally shipped with the consumer EOS bodies, for a start this one has a proper manual focusing ring and the front element of the lens does not rotate on focusing (unlike the older EF-S lens). However all is not good as the lens has a plastic lens mount.

Canon SX280 HS Front

Finally, Canon announced two new PowerShot cameras, the SX 270 HS and the SX 280 HS (pictured above), these are exactly the same but the 270 model does not have the cool GPS and WiFi features that adorn the PowerShot SX280 HS. I will therefore ignore the SX270 and talk about the 280 as this really interests me and if it wasn’t for the Sony RX-100 I would seriously consider this as my compact camera.

It features a number of interesting specifications, the ones that interest me are as follows::

  • A 20x Optical Zoom (25mm to 500mm)
  • A 4 stop Optical IS system
  • Full PASM or in Canon Lingo M, Av, TV and P modes
  • Full HD Video
  • A-GPS
  • WiFi

This camera is also only £20 more than the 270 – not sure about the logic on this.

Canon SX280 HS Back

You can find out more at Canon’s website here.

Price and Availability
Ok so when can we get them and how much will they cost? All of the cameras should be available sometime in April and the cost (for the EOS models) will depend on what lenses you buy as follows (all prices from WEX Photographic):

EOS 100D Body Only: £569
EOS 100D and 18-55mm STM Lens: £699
EOS 100D and 18-55mm and 40mm STM Lenses: £859

EOS 700D Body only: £619
EOS 700D and 18-55mm STM Lens: £749
EOS 700D and 18-135mm STM Lens: £929

The Canon EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens is also available on its own for £239

PowerShot SX 270 HS – Grey: £279
PowerShot SX 270 HS – Blue: £279
PowerShot SX 280 HS – Black: £299
PowerShot SX 280 HS – Red: £299