Canon UK Spring Cashback


Since their previous Winter cash-back promotion finished, I have been patiently awaiting the next one and this one was introduced a couple of weeks ago and lasts until May 31st. Typically this one includes a number of items that I have already purchased (with greater amounts of cash-back) as well as many items that are currently on my wish list.

The items on cash back are as follows:
Canon EOS 5D3+24-105

Video Cameras
Canon Legris HF G25

Canon Pixma Pro-1

Lenses and Accessories
Canon EF 17-40mm f4 L USM

So what from above is on my wish list?:

You will note that these are all from the final “lenses and accessories” list and whilst I would love to have an additional EOS 5D Mark III’s (or even an EOS 7D) these are not currently on my wish-list, I need to invest on some good glass as well as some other accessories first. On the subject of the 7D, this is likely to be replaced sometime this year and the rumour sites are rife with possible specs of what the 7D Mark II will be like; I see me adding this as a second body once it becomes available and the other essential glass has been purchased.

Not all of the lenses in the cash-back listed are on my wish list; you will note that I have removed the only EF-S lens as I don’t have any cropped frame sensor bodies at the moment. This lens does have a problem that is shared with Canon’s entire EF-S lens range, although some of them are very good optically, they don’t do “L” versions of them. This is unfortunate so they don’t get niceties such as weather sealing, you also have to purchase lens hoods as separate (over priced) items too.

I already own the 70-200 so don’t need this. Although I would like to have the 24-70mm L lens (it is one of the best optics out there) it overlaps with my 24-105mm lens that produces very good results; even with the cash-back it is a very expensive lens.

You will also note that I have the 17-40mm f/4L USM lens on my wish list. Although I would prefer the 16-35mm lens as this is a faster (f2.8 vs. f4), is slightly wider at 16mm and is arguably better from an optical point of view, it is however twice the price of the 17-40mm lens. It also has a number of disadvantages too: it is heavier, does not zoom internally, needs expensive 82mm filters and is shorter on the longer end (35mm vs. 40mm). Additionally this isn’t a focal range I will be using very often so spending less here makes sense; the benefit for me is that it shares the 77mm filter size with my 24-105 and 70-200mmm lenses.

The 8-15mm fisheye lens is a specialist lens so is at the bottom of my list; this is the only fish-eye lens that Canon currently makes.

Whilst the L Macro lens (which I have owned before) is very deserving of the “L” designation isn’t one I would use very often and would necessitate the purchase of one of Canon’s dedicated Macro flash guns at more expense – the MR-14EX Macrolite costs around £460 and the more powerful MT-24 EX Macro Twin Lite costs around £730. These cannot connect directly to the lens, so the purchase of a Canon 67C Macrolite Adapter at £33 is required. This lens (and accessories) is more in the “nice to have” category.

The only remaining item that would be useful is the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT, this is more because I don’t have any built in flash on my EOS 5D MarkIII (although it is doubtful if I would ever use the built in flash if it was there). After reading the Canon Speedlite books (by Syl Arena) I would like to experiment more with off-camera flash; these books are well worth the read, see my post about them here.