LCE Lincoln Event


Here in Lincoln we are quite lucky, we have 2 London Camera Exchanges. One of them is on 6 Silver Street, the other is on the 155 High Street; until fairly recently the High Street store was a dedicated Panasonic shop but has been converted into an LCE (although it still stocks a lot of Panasonic specif equipment).

On Saturday 27th April both stores will be hosting a joint event, the event mainly celebrates the recent launch of 2 new Canon DSLR camera bodies (the EOS 700D and the EOS 100D). On the day there will be show deals on the whole Canon range and other deals for anyone who wishes to part exchange.

The Silver Street store will have a new “Play Table” where you can get to grips with the range of Canon products on display and enable you to follow the process from “shot” to “print” with the latest in wireless technology. There will also be a Canon representative on hand to ask any questions. Finally there will be the chance to demo the latest equipment in-store.

At the High Street store, there will be a Hawke Optic expert on hand to demonstrate the latest products available and answer any queries you have on the range.

A full link to the details can be found on the LCE website here