Why I don’t like Forums

I apologise in advance but this is a bit of a rant – I’ll try to keep the post short :).

This is specifically related to technology and photography forums and whilst this isn’t true about all of them the majority all have the same problems that keep me from joining in and means that I rarely look at them. I know that I don’t have to look but when you are trying to find out about something or have a problem that someone else must have had before you don’t have much choice – I am also not going to name any site that that has these forums as that is not fair either.

So why the rant? These are the common issues that I have:

  1. The unhelpful members: sometimes I can spend hours using the site search tools to see if I can find out about the topic I am searching for and in desperation I post a question. Sometimes you will get a helpful answer but this is usually accompanied by a “this has been asked sooo many times before why did you not use the search function…” followed by a link or two to the other posts (if you are lucky) or “I found this in 2 seconds by using Google”, they assume that you are a moron and didn’t try to use any search tools at all.
  2. The site snobs: These are the elitist people who seem to think that the forum is theirs and belittle any questions you may ask.
  3. The trolls: These are quite common in all forums and just seem to enjoy either hijacking a thread because is about a device they don’t use or posting pointless questions that have nothing to do with the forum.
  4. The off-topic hijackers: A forum question is asked and before you know it you have a slagging match between two or more people that has nothing to do with the original question or point.

I am sure that there are more types out there but these are the ones that spring to mind and this is a symptom of the current Internet; everyone is an expert and they are also anonymous too.


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