Swan nest 2013

Back in 2011, I blogged about a Swan nest that was in a place that was easily viewable, theses post can be found as follows:.

Although the pair of swans built a nest last year, it didn’t last long with all of the flooding that was present in the region at the time so if there were any eggs, they didn’t survive :(.

Here we are in the early part of Spring 2013 and the pair of swans are back and they have rebuilt the nest further up from the bank so hopefully this will do better this year.

The pair of swans were apart when I last went, the female was on the nest and the nice weather (unusual at the moment as we still seem to be clinging in onto the last vestiges of winter ) produced good light even though it was mid-day:


I took a number of shots from differnt angles, we cannot see if there are any eggs there yet:


The male was further upstream foraging for food:

As soon as he notice dme hae came over hoping no doubt that I had some for him:

It’s early days yet so I will try and visit at least once a week to see how things are progressing. It would be nice to know if there have been any eggs laid (and how many) because then we can work out roughly when they will hatch and I will be able to take some pictures of the cygnets.


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