Swan Nest 2013 – Update 1


At lunchtime today I visited the Swan Nest at St.Marks to see if anything had changed, clearly from the photo above you see 3 or 4 eggs. Whilst I was taking my photos & videos some of the people who walked past told me that the eggs have been there for a few weeks and another guy had witnessed the Swans turning the eggs, this is something that I haven’t seen myself 😦

The swan on the nest was moving some of the twigs that formed the nest around but this stopped if I tried to capture a video of this. I was more worried about causing any distress to the swan so I promptly stopped and walked away.

I am not sure why but when the swans have a nest here the number of birds in the area increase including the following bird:
I call him (maybe its a her) the noisy goose as this chap is usually making a racket. I have taken his picture before many times including this location two years ago as well as the Brayford Wharf earlier this year.

Finally, I saw a male and female Chaffinch who are probably a mating pair. These are quite small birds and the Sony RX100 does not have a very long zoom so the following photo of the male Chaffinch had to be cropped quite a bit:

I also captured a short video of them as follows:

I will have to visit the Swan nest more often now so that when the eggs hatch I will be able to see the young cygnets.

Note: All pictures and videos in this post were from the Sony RX100.