Swan Nest Update 2


As stated in my previous post I was loaned a GH3 for a weekend and although the weather was not as nice as the previous Bank Holiday weekend it allowed me to get out and give the camera a go. So I thought that I would use it for a Swan Nest update.

The swan has laid 7 eggs and they still have not hatched yet but I was lucky enough to witness the swan turning the eggs:


I also manged to get a video of the swan turning them, I apologise for the background noise as there were a few people watching at the time:

The father was a lot closer this time as was keeping watch as this took place:


There was a lot of bird activity around this area, we had a female black bird in the area:
Although the noisy goose was not around, the moorhen was:

As well as the typical feral pigeon:

Finally a small family of ducks showed their baby duckling off:

I also got a video of this too:


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