Swan Nest Update 3


This is the 4th in the series of Swan Nest Updates, the previous Post can be found here.

My previous visit to the nest was just over a week ago (Saturday 11th May) and I was intrigued to see if any of the seven eggs had hatched. I found the swan on the nest and could not see until she stood up:


At first sight I couldn’t quite see, but from the previous picture you can see the body of the cygnet to the right of the leg and the open shell on the left.

The following pictures show the cygnet in more detail:


One of the other eggs had cracks in the shell too so I expect to see a second cygnet soon (hopefully I will be able to get some more shots in the next few days).

All of this was happening under the watchful father who was never very far away and when a group of people appeared along side me he decide it was time to come out of the water to see what was going on:

I also captured a video as follows (refresh the page if it does not appear):

Whilst I was there, other wildlife was present, there were a number of male Mallard ducks asleep:

Some of the ducks apprehended that a photo-shoot was in progress and this photogenic duck posed for me 🙂 :

Finally the large focal length of the lens on my (new) camera allowed me to capture a shot of this small female Chaffinch who was munching her way through some bread (not much cropping required):


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