Swan Nest Update 4


This is the 5th in the series of Swan Nest Updates, the previous post can be found here.

Following my visit to the nest on Sunday (19th May) and I was intrigued to see if any more of the six remaining eggs had hatched so that there would be more than one cygnet; I thought that there might be a couple more.

As I approached the nest I could see that my original estimate was way off as I could see a few more heads:

The female swan had been very busy:

At first I thought that there were a total of 5 cygnets:

They were quite active and they liked being close to their mum:



After much trying (and after the father re-appeared out of the water_ the female swan moved slightly so that I could count the cygnets:

There were six:

Six very cute cygnets all fluffy, one of them had only hatched a short while ago as it was not quite as fluffy as the others. I also saw a solitary egg in the nest during one of the initial re-arrangements of the swan whilst the cygnets were moving. I am not sure of this will hatch or not. I will try and get there today (Tuesday) to see if there are seven cygnets instead of the current six.

The cygnets were a joy to watch:

I have a short YouTube video of the cygnets, I apologise for the background voices – refresh the webpage if the video does not initially appear:

All pictures and videos taken with Panasonic Lumix GH3 and 100-300mm lens.


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