Nature and Family Photographs – Hartsholme Park

Although in the last few days I haven’t been out much I did go out twice with the GH3 during the bank holiday weekend. My Sister and nephew were here over the holiday weekend so I forwent the use of a tripod and visited both Hartsholme Park and Whisby Nature Reserve. I was originally going to write a single blog entry about both events I have decided to split them into two. This post is about the Visit to Hartsholme Park.

The participants (in addition to myself) were my Sister, Nephew, Father and the two dogs: Zara and Seska.

We decided to walk around the park in the opposite direction to normal (the side that is initially parallel to Skellingthorpe road) and noticed some young ducks as the rest of the family were walking quite quickly I didn’t take as much time as I would have liked to take a picture of them and it shows as the pictures were pretty bad.

As we reached the bottom of the lake I noticed that it was quite warm here and I wondered if I might see the Terrapins that are known to reside in the lake (I captured some pictures of them back in June 2011, you can read the blog entry here.

And to my surprise there they were all balanced on the log sunning themselves in the nice sun, there are four in view here:

My nephew isn’t very interested in wildlife unless they are performing tricks or doing something her finds amusing, however he does like to climb trees:



I did snap some pictures and short videos of the dogs, this one of Seska did turn out quite nice:

As we started on the return leg of the circuit of the lake, I noticed this Moorhen on the Nest; I need to go back soon to see if anything has hatched:

I was almost exclusively using the 100-300mm lens (effective 35mm FOV of 200-600mm) with the GH3 and whilst the OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) certainly helped it can only do so much when you are zoomed out all of the way to 300mm. Here is a shot of a Great Crested Grebe, unfortunately it isn’t as sharp as I would have liked it to be and is a good reason why you should use a tripod when you are shooting at an effective focal length of 600mm:

We noticed that there were still a number of Grey Herons nesting in the central island of the lake and although at 300mm you can almost see into their nests it still isn’t enough to see clearly. So I decide to make a short video of them whilst engaging the ETC mode (Extra Tele Converter), this gives you an additional x2 multiplier of the focal length (i.e. 1200mm). This is a clever feature on the GH3 carried over from the GH2 and uses only the central portion of the sensor as you only need a width of 1080 pixels across. More about this can be read here.

Anyway here is the video from YouTube, please refresh the browser if the video does not initially show:

My second post about Whisby Nature Reserve will be posted tomorrow.


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