Nature and Family Photographs – Whisby Nature Park

This is the follow-on post from my previous post about the Bank Holiday weekend in May when some of my fmaily came to visit; you can read this post entry here.

This post is about the Visit to Whisby Nature Park which is made up of a number of lakes and depending on how long a walk you want can pick one or more to walk around. We chose the Grebe lake walk as this was not too big for my nephew.

The participants (in addition to myself) were my Sister and Nephew, we left the dogs at home that day.

I took a number of photo’s of my nephew Jack but he spent most of his time in front of me and when he turned around it was too much fun to resist pulling faces::

There were a large number of Dragonflies in the area and although I don’t have a Macro lens I did manage to get a good shot with the 100-300 lens on the GH3. I should say that I eventually got some good shots once I hade remembered to switch the OIS (Optical Image Stabiliser) back on after playing with the switch the previous night 🙂 :

There were lots of very pretty flowers around and I took a few photos of them including this Southern Marsh Orchid:

Towards the end of the walk around the lake we went into a hide and this gave a good view of some nearby Bird Colony, there were mainly black-headed gulls as well as some Greylag Geese with goslings, I even saw an Oyster Catcher there too. Here is a picture that shows the colony:

There were also a few Cormorants towards the left-hand-side of the colony, including this one who was flapping his wings quite a bit :

The videos for this post are of the above Cormorant and the other Cormorants present at the lake.

Video of Cormorant (single):

Video of Cormorants (multiple):