Lumix GH3 and G5 Firmware updates

Lumix GH3-Front

Panasonic have today released new firmware for the GH3 and G5 Lumix cameras, more details on the firmware ad how to do this can be found on Panasonic’s firmware update site here.

The firmware for these cameras provide the following features and/or bug fixes; whilst the Lumix GH3 firmware update is for all cameras, the Lumix G5 firmware update is for PAL users only.

The G5 v1.1 firmware provides the following:
Correction of wording on [Motion Picture] menu:
Correct the wording “60p/60i/30p” of AVCHD frame rate on [Rec Quality] menu to “50p/50i/25p”.
This update is for PAL broadcast regions only, and you don’t need this update if wording is already “50p/50i/25p”.

the GH3 v1.2 firmware provides the following:

  • “Low Light AF” is added that makes it possible to set focus on the subject in low-lit situations (-3EV).
  • “Silent Mode” is added which suppresses electronic shutter, shutter sound, operation sound and flash emission with a single setting.
  • “Exposure Comp. Reset” is added which resets the setting of exposure compensation to ±0 whenever the camera is turned off or the shooting mode is changed.
  • Performance of AF is enhanced in use with H-PS14042 and H-PS45175.
  • Connection problem with Apple Mac computers via Wi-Fi is fixed.

Thanks go to the 4/3 Rumors website for notifying me of this update.