Brayford Wharf Swan Update 1


This is a continuation of the Swan Nest Update series that started in April this year; the six cygnets that hatched in late May have been seen a few times on the main Brayford Wharf near where I work.

Disclaimer: I cannot prove that these are the same six cygnets that hatched in the nest only a short diatnce from where the Brayford is (they are connected by water). However, I like to think that they are the same (as we have the correct number and age) so I will make this assumption for this and future posts.

The last “Swan Update” post was Update 5 and can be seen here. The post where the first cygnet hatched can be seen here.


As you can see the cygnets had already grown quite a bit (these photos were taken on 10th June).


The mother is teaching the cygnets how to feed:


They do grow fast.


And after taking a few photographs the swan and the cygnets decide to venture to another part of the lake.


There will be a few more update posts (I have the photographs already) to help document how fast they grow into full size swans.


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