Brayford Wharf Swan Update 2 (with special guest stars)

This is the second in the series of the swan’s born back in May and their progression into adult swans; the previous post can be read here.

This post also has a few ducklings that were in the area too, in fact I was taking pictures of the ducklings when the Swans and Cygnets showed up. These were all taken on the 27th June.

These shots are from another lunchtime shoot where I was with my Lumix GH3 & 100-300mm and Mike was using his Nikon D3100. It only takes a few seconds to get to the Wharf from the front door of the work building. We noticed some movement in the water just to the right of the “Barge“; if you know Lincoln you will know where this is.

There were two ducklings and their mother foraging for food:

Here is a closer shot of one of them:

Not long after taking many shots of the ducklings, the Swan and her cygnets showed up:

I took quite a few shots of them and they turned out very nice:


They have grown quite a bit since the previous update (just over 2 weeks ago), it always astonishes me how quickly most animals grow especially when comapared to us Homosapiens:


Look out for future update posts about the cygnets and how quickly they become full-size swans.


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