More good news from Fuji


This information is taken from the FujiRumors Website.

Yesterday (18th July), at the Canadian Fuji event, the company gave more information about the future firmware strategy and new lenses. They will carry on to improve their products via firmware updates. This won’t be the last major firmware update, and all the X-cameras will be constantly improved.

So what’s coming?

More Firmware updates:
The update on 23rd July (that I blogged about a few days ago) will bring Focus Peaking amongst other new features but only in one colour. In future updates other colour options will be offered too.

FUJIFILM are also looking to add (the long requested) minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO.

FUJIFILM are going to produce some new telephoto prime lenses (once the current roadmap of lenses are complete). There are no detail of what and when these will be -hopefully we will know in a couple of months, they may wait until after all of the lenses in the current roadmap are released.

The new Fuji 23mm f1.4 R Fujinon (black) lens will be released in October
The Fuji 10-24mm f4 R Fujinon (black) lens will be released in December
The Fuji 56mm f1.2 R Fujinon (black) lens in will be released in January 2014

You will note that these are all “R” lenses so they will all have aperture rings. The most interesting to me of these 3 is the 23mm in October as this provides an effective 35mm field of view (FOV) with respect to 35mm full-frame. Although the 56mm f1.2 is going to be an excellent portrait lens (gives an 85mm effective 35mm FOV) and the 10-24mm will give a nice wideangle zoom (15 to 36mm).

So to quote a Frank Sinatra (or Vic Fontaine and Benjamin Sisko duet) song “The best is yet to come”.