Brayford Wharf Swan Update 3


This is the third in the series of the swan’s born back in May and their progression into adult swans; the previous post can be read here.

These were all taken on the 9th July and like the previous (swan update) post, these shots are from a lunchtime shoot with Mike. All of them are taken with a Lumix GH3 and 100-300mm lens.

You will note that from the photo at the beginning of this post that there are now only has 5 cygnets and not 6. Now either this is a different Swan family or (unfortunately more likely) one of the cygnets has gone. Although they are always very close to their mother (and sometimes father) they are still vulnerable to many predators and dangers and it isn’t until they are almost fully grown until they are less prone to these dangers. 😦

I am always fascinated by the way that swans sometimes have one of their legs out of the water and on their backs. The common misconception is that they are injured but I know that this is very common and similar to the way that we sometimes cross our legs:


Like all animals, the young learn by mimicking their elders:

It was a very bright day as you can see that these pair of cygnets are squinting quite a bit:

The cygnets were very chatty today and you can hear them making quite a sweet noise:

The last shot just shows the cygnets all together (not far from their mother):

Look out for future update posts…