Welcome to my new blog!

Thanks to an idea from a good friend of mine (Richard), I have moved my blog to this site. Although I do enjoy posting my images and views on technology and equipment I do think that the annual cots of £80+ is a bit much for a small indulgence of mine. Fortunately Richard’s idea was to move the blog to a free WordPress URL and here I am.


The new site “www.ottokite.wordpress.com” has all of my old blog entries and images but will unfortunately be an add supported site for now but as this site is managed by WordPress I do gain some new functionality over my previous host. If this new site does actually gain a better following than my previous site I will transfer this to a WordPress premium site which will remove the adds as well as the “.wordpress” part of the web address.

There should be a few new blog enties going up over the next few days as a number of things have happened that I would like to talk about as well as some new images that I have taken.