Brayford Wharf Swan Update 4


This is the latest post about the Swans that live in around the Brayford Pool in the centre of Lincoln. I have been following these swans since they were eggs and their parents before they were laid and it is nice to see how they have grown. My last post on the swans can be found here.

All of the photographs in this blog post were taken on 30th August (2013) using a Panasonic Lumix GH3 and 100-300mm lens. This lens was too long for most of the shots I took as the young swans were very close to me.

You may recall from previous posts that not all of the 6 cygnets that hatched have managed to make it. It is nice to see that the remaining four all seemed to be doing well. The focal length of the lens coupled with the minimum focusing distance meant that I couldn’t get all 4 young swans in the picture at once, the most I ever got were three together:

I had to switch to a different tctic so I tried a close-up shot of one of the young swans:

As well as a side on portrait:

The Brayford Pool has a boat that travels from the Pool to the Pyewipe and back along with a commentary about some of the history of the area. It is well worth going on the boat trip if you are in Lincoln; it is called the Brayford Belle. The swans all got quite close the stern of the Belle and got a shock when the boat started the engine, unfortunately the bright red of the boat’s hull threw an extreme red colour cast on everything behind it (my fault for shooting around mid-day) so I decided that I would remove the colour from this picture:

The young swans are still with one or more of their parents and will remain with them for around 6 months. These all hatched in mid May so will remain with them until the middle of November at which point they will be expected to go their own way:

On this day, the swans weren’t the only creatures on the Pool: