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Last week Adobe announced a special version of their Creative Cloud especially for photographers at the bargain monthly price of $9.99. What wasn’t know until recently was what the international prices would be, thanks to Twitter I know that this will now be: £7.14 (£8.56 inc VAT).

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Adobe announced their subscription based Creative Cloud last year; I even signed up for the first year at the introductory price but let my subscription expire as I didn’t use enough of the creative suite to justify this. I am glad I did as this new offer gives me just what I need at a price I can afford.

Adobe states that a common request was for a solution specifically tailored for photographers. They listened, and at Photoshop World they announced a special offer for Photoshop customers. Anyone who has a copy of Photoshop CS3 or higher is eligible for a special Creative Cloud membership offer that includes all of the following for just £8.56 a month:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom 5
  • 20 GB of online storage
  • Behance ProSite
  • Access to Creative Cloud Learn’s training resources
  • Ongoing upgrades and updates

What’s the catch?

  • Although Abode say that £8.56 is not an introductory price, you do have to sign up by December 31, 2013 (so in a way it is).
  • You will need to sign up for a year (this equates to £102.72).
  • You also need to own a (legal) copy of Photoshop CS3 or higher (Adobe Lightroom is not enough).
  • You never own Photoshop (or as it has become to known a perpetual licence), you must maintain your subscription to keep this price.

The offer will be available at the same time that Adobe introduces the new version of Lightroom 5.2 in a couple weeks. I recommend keeping an eye on Twitter for the precise time it becomes available.

More information can be found here.


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