Olympus announce the OMD-EM1


It’s official! Olympus (as expected) have officially announced the release of the OMD-EM1 which is not only the successor of the OMD-EM5 but also their DSLR E series four-thirds (note the missing “micro”) cameras too. This is probably one of the most leaked cameras and almost everything about it was known prior to its release.

It should be available in October and with the new kit lens (12-40mm f2.8) should be around £1950. I expect the emails from WEX Photographic and Park Cameras later today with their deals and prices.

DPReview already have their First Impressions up, these can be found here.

The Canadian guys from the Calgary based The Camera Store already have their first impressions video up too:

It’s nice to see them back after their brief hiatus over Summer.

My take:
I use a Panasonic Lumix GH3 as my main camera and this in some ways is a direct competitor to the EM1. In some areas it trounces the GH3 and in some ways the GH3 is better (the video on the GH3 is FAR superior still). The price is currently over £300 more than the GH3 with the equivalent f2.8 lenses (although you get an extra 5mm of reach at the long end with the Olympus). For me it doesn’t make any sense to replace what I have and as a second camera the G6 or GX7 (or even another GH3) makes more sense. However, if you already have an OMD-EM5 this is a great replacement or second body (same battery, same accessories, etc). Any addition to the Micro-Four-Thirds system is a welcome one and we all gain when there is healthy competition.


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  1. Richard

    Its interesting that with the GH3, the OMD-EM5 and now this EM1 the trend is for slightly larger bodies similar to consumer SLR’s. It does improve the ergonomics but then does somewhat negate the need for micro four third’s small sensors.

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