(i)Phone Update – Part One

On Tuesday (10th September) Apple announced the new iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and gave a release date for the new operating system for their i-devices (iOS 7); chronologically these are as follows:

  • 13th September: pre-order iPhone 5s
  • 18th Septmber: iOS7 released for existing iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches
  • 20th Spetmber: iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are available to purchase

(These are the UK dates)

What Apple released for their yearly iPhone update was leaked around the world and their were no real surprises (apart from the fact that many of their iApps are now free), this is a shame as I like to be surprised by what is announced and always wait for the video stream before I visit any site that details what is announced as it happens.

What follows was originally written a couple of weeks ago but as I now have a conclusion to the situation and as Apple have confirmed what is coming I though that I would post this today.

This is an update about how the Red Lumia 920 (that I raved about at the end of last year) was doing.

Well, the short story is that I have now sold the phone! It was not that I didn’t like the phone or the operating system – I still do; it is a good example of phone design where someone thinks outside the box. I even (temporarily) moved my email to Outlook.com to get the best experience.

However, there was one big problem as well as a few annoyances. I had the phone for almost a year and although the quantity and quality of applications for the phone did get better there are still too many gaps and not enough of my key applications available. I still don’t know if this is going to get better any time soon; which is a shame because I still think there is room in the market for the Windows Phone 8 devices.

There is still no official Starbucks app, my current bank (Barclays) has a few key applications that are missing, and I use the Kelby training app on and off – this is a no show from Barclays or Kelby Training. I joined Slimming World at the beginning of last year – their app is iOS and Android only, I also use Dropbox and Google+ still no applications (I think that Drop box is coming). When I am out shooting photographs I like to record the location, the app I use “GPS4Cam” won’t be going to Windows phone any time soon as are the other photo based applications that I use. My mobile phone provider (Orange at the time) had and only one of their apps available; and this goes for a number of other key applications that I use.

I did contact a few of the manufacturers of the key applications and the reply was essentially the same “We have no plans to create our application for the Windows Phone devices”. This is a classic chicken-and-egg scenario, the app makers won’t create the application until there are enough users; the users won’t move to the Windows Phone 8 devices until the key applications that they rely on exist.

There are other issues too. I have a large investment in Apple media (movies, TV shows and music), e-books and of course applications. This ecosystem is also supported by companies such as Starbucks who give away free downloads every week; Morrison’s who regularly sell the iTunes Store Cards with money off and Apple themselves get very generous around Christmas time. Although I can get the music onto the Lumia is isn’t an elegant solution and the mechanism didn’t work all of the time.

The other major problem is Microsoft! They are too lethargic keeping these devices up to date, they are more secretive than Apple about their updates and when they come out it is too little too late. I don’t think that Microsoft can be as nimble and as pro-active as they need to be in the mobile market not when Samsung releases new devices every few months and Google are releasing newer versions of Android quite regularly too.


The final problem is that iOS 7 is out very soon and the overdue facelift is coming with this version of the operating system.

See Part two of this post here for the conclusion to the story.

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