Why so much bad press over the new iPhones?

This post is a response to a lot of the previews and thoughts (mostly negative) from many of the sites talking about the iPhone 5s (and also the 5c too). I will start by saying that I don’t consider myself an Apple fanboi (I do hate that phrase) and today it is one of the best phones out there and considering I have a fairly reasonable investment in Apple songs, Movies, TV Shows, Books and Apps (as well as subscriptions to many podcasts) it makes sense that my next phone will be an iPhone 5s (hopefully I can get one on the launch date of Friday 20th September).

So what is wrong with the iPhone 5s?
The answer is quite simple, nothing really apart from missing feature X or feature Y that some of the users expected. The response was the same when the iPhone 5 came out.

There are a number of things that the websites are reporting that is wrong:

Neowin are saying that the 64bit processor in the new iPhone 5s is pure marketing fluff and because of that you shouldn’t buy the phone. OK I agree that on the face of it we probably don’t need 64 bit until the phones have 4GB or more of memory. Neowin also states that the extra registers on the processor could actually slow down the phone? I am not sure what else the 64bit capability of the new processor offers but the phone is faster so what is the problem?

DPReview are harping on that the MP number on the phone hasn’t increased and then go on about it to the point where they almost gloss over all of the great (thinking outside the box) additions that Apple has also added such as the Two-tone flash. I will take a faster aperture lens on a larger sensor with larger pixels over cramming even more pixels into the sensor. Why is 8MP not enough? What are 99% of the potential users going to do with them beyond sharing them with friends and family over one of the many social media sites?

And most of the sites are complaining that the iPhone 5s is not enough of an upgrade over the iPhone 5, have they been living in a box for the past 3 years? The iPhone is a bit like the iNtel i-series of processors where they have a tick-tock release process; the “tick” years are the shrinking of the processor dies, whilst the “tock” years are for the introduction of new microarchitecture. The iPhone for the past few generation is similar; the “tock” years (iPhone 4 and iPhone 5) are the major feature additions whilst the “tick” years(iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s) are the optimization of the new technologies and some minor additions.

That said, whilst some iPhone 5 users will upgrade to the iPhone 5s, most of the users will be coming from iPhone 4s or earlier iPhones and for those users they get not only the extra capability that the iPhone 5s has over the iPhone 5 but also the extra features that the 5 gave or even the 4s brought to the iPhone family. That is off course assuming it is not their first phone (or smart phone) or that they did not move from a non iOS device.
Lumix GH3-Front
Finally don’t hold your breath waiting for an iPhone with NFC or wireless charging, Apple has already made their statement known on these technologies. The wireless charging was a nice feature I don’t see this taking off, Nokia has not continued adding this to all of their phones. Additionally, the NFC is totally pointless in the UK at the moment and I have never used the capability. The only application for this might be to initiate a wireless connection to one of the newer Lumix G series cameras (G6 and GX7). On my GH3 I have to do this manually which takes a few seconds longer but it remembers the connection so this isn’t really a problem.

So if this post makes me come across as an Apple fanboi then so be it.