iCloud wesbite update

When I woke up this morning I eagerly switch on the computer to see if iOS7 was available. As usual I started up the Chrome Web browser whilst the various App updates downloaded in iTunes; there were many and most of these were boasting iOS7 compatability. I navigated to my Apple icloud website.

This is what I saw:

I wasn’t aware that Apple were going to make this change! This isn’t just a lick of paint for the landing page either, all of the icloud components have been updated too and there appear to be some bug fixes in there as well. Some of my emails in the Mail application did not show their content, these are now showing up correctly.

I was never a fan of the old skeuomorphic design (that made a calendar look like desk calendar for example) and I am glad to be rid of it; thank you Sir Jony Ive.

Hopefully Apple will update the lower 4 icons (Find my iPhone, Pages, Numbers and Keynote) too as they look out of place at the moment.

Oh, no sign of iOS7 yet, the rumours are that it won’t be available until this afternoon -UK time.