Lincoln Photo and Optics Show 2013


Every year for the past 5 years (that I am aware of), the Lincoln branch (and now branches) host a yearly photo show here in Lincoln. The event is now held in November (I think that in the past this happened in May). Last year the venue moved from the Lawn, which was/is a bit of a trek outside the centre of Lincoln to the Drill Hall a stone’ throw from the Silver Street store and this was a much better venue. I am pleased to say that the event will be held in the same location again; the drill hall is a great venue and is easy to get to.

The show is a mixture of special deals on the day and gives the various manufacturers a chance to show off some of their new gear too. I have a very good relationship with the staff in both shops so I get to “play” with a lot of the items they sell but they aren’t able to stock everything so these shows help fill in the blanks when you want to try something a bit more exotic.

There were a couple of manufacturers missing last year and it is good to hear that they will be present this year (such Panasonic and Fuji). The second-hand section was also fantastic last year and this will be present too.

I recommend that if you are in town on Wednesday 6th November you make a beeline to the show. The show runs from 1pm to 7pm. More information can be found at the official website here.