NFL Super Bowl 2014 – updated

Every year the two winners of the NFC (National Football Conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference) American football leagues have a play off, this is the Super Bowl. This is one of if not the biggest annual sporting event in the USA. The event is now global and is watched all around the world live which unfortunately for us in the UK means a kick off time of 23:30, and due to the way that the game is played this could mean not ending until 3am the next day.

I will be going to watch this at a friends house and is the 4th year running that I have done this; fortunately I have taken Monday as a day off so I won’t be really tired at work.

For some reason the number of the super bowl is represented as Roman numerals so this year (48) is XLVIII

Denver Bronocos Wallpaper

This year the Superbowl players are the Seattle Seahawks (NFC) and the Denver Broncos (AFC). The Broncos are the Favourites to win so I will support the Seahawks (I like to support the underdogs).


The half-time shows are also something to look forward to, in the past we have had “The Who” (my first Super Bowl), the following year we had “The Black Eyed Peas” who weren’t that good but having Slash play “Sweet Child Of Mine” on guitar was good. Last year’s act was Beyoncé (and Destiny’s Child) and was OK; this year its Bruno Mars who I don’t really rate that highly but he is a natural show man so will probably be fun to watch.

Tomorrow morning I will post the result and any thoughts about the match (not sure if this before or after I go to bed). I hope that the game is as good as last year’s match which was anybody’s game until the last few minutes. 🙂

Belated update: The final score was: Seahawks 43 – Bronos 8. The favorites were totally thrashed and this was a great game to watch, an analysis form USA Today can be read here.