Panasonic announce the Lumix GH4


Although I had seen some mock-ups of this model from various CES pictures last month I was a little surprised by the announcement this morning? My first notification of the announcement was from an email I had waiting in my inbox from Park Cameras.

So I popped over to DPReview and lo and behold they had a brief preview up with a few photos and some of the specifications. It looks almost identical to the GH3 which isn’t a bad thing as I mostly liked the ergonomics of that camera; it also has the same dimensions as the GH3 and hence can utilise the GH3 battery grip.

The headline feature is of course 4K video! That is of a resolution of 4096 x 2160 (current full HD is 1920 x 1080), the camera can also shoot at 3840 x 2160 and in a variety of Full HD modes too. I have a lot so ay about 4K video but that is the subject of another blog post.

With the headline feature out of the way, the camera has a new viewfinder; although I didn’t seem to have the same problems as lot of other users it is nice to see that this was upgraded to a better unit. The resolution hasn’t changed from 16MP but Panasonic insist that this is a new unit and combined with the upgraded horsepower the camera can shoot at even higher ISOs too (up to 25,600). This horsepower allows the camera to shoot at up to 12 fps or 7fps with focus tracking. Interestingly the camera does not support UHS-II SD cards even though the Fuji X-T1 does.

The camera does have a new focusing mode call DFD (Depth-of-focus) whereby the camera uses imaged blur to determine subject distance.

I recommend that you go to DPReview to see all the new additions.

This is only an announcement as there is no guide price or release date yet; everyone is expecting this model to command a fairly hefty price premium when released (the original GH3 was very expensive when first released as it the Olympus OMD EM-1 so there is already precedent). If I still had a micro 43 system I might have been interested but I prefer the Fuji X-System.

As I was posting this I got an email from YouTube saying that Matt Granger has a video up about the GH4 and 4K Video, you can get to this here.