New firmware updates for several X series cameras and Fujinon zoom lenses

Fujifilm have released new firmware updates for several of their X series cameras and Fujinon zoom lenses. The main aim of these firmware updates is to enable compatibility with the new Fujinon XF56mm f1.2 lens; there are also a host of OIS improvements to many lenses.

Fuji X-Pro1 with 35mm f1.4 lens

The firmware updates that were released on 20th February (i.e. yesterday) are available for the following; the name of the body/lens links to the relevant part of Fuji’s firmware update site:

  1. X-Pro1 : 3.20 (current 3.10)
  2. X-E1 : 2.20 (current 2.10)
  3. X-E2 : 1.20 (current 1.10)
  4. X-M1 : 1.10 (current 1.01)
  5. X-A1 : 1.10 (current 1.01)
  6. XC16-50mm : 1.12 (current 1.10)
  7. XF18-55mm : 3.11 (current 3.10)
  8. XF55-200mm : 1.11 (current 1.10)

The updates for the camera models incorporate the following changes:

  1. Addition of compatibility with XF56mmF1.2R.
  2. Improvement of AE accuracy with XF56mmF1.2R
  3. Improvement of AF accuracy with XF56mmF1.2R (only for X-E2)

For the lenses, the following changes are applied:
FUJINON XF18-55mm lens_2d4f597f47

  1. Improvement of OIS function for movie shooting when panning and tilting a camera.
  2. Improvement of OIS function for still image shooting.
  3. Fixed a bug where the maximum aperture always displays F5.6. (only for XC16-50mm. )
  4. Improvement of AF response during continuous shooting with X-E2 and X-T1. (for XF18-55mm and XF55-200mm)

More information can be found on Fujifilm’s site here.

Because of the issues I experienced with the v3.0 firmware updates last year, I will wait a week or two before I apply the updates. 🙂