For the uneducated “RTFM” is the acronym for “Read The F****** Manual”. Originally coined in the computer world, this has since expanded to cover anything that might be accompanied with a manual or user guide of some sort.

Unfortunately these days the guide is less likely to be included in a printed form and will require the use of the company’s web site.

With this introduction out of the way this topic covers my use of the Fujifilm bodies that I now own and use. Here, reading the manual is not only a good idea, you will be driven mad trying to do or set something without being able to do so. This because Fujifilm, in their infinite wisdom decided not to allow this unless other items on the camera were set correctly. Although there may be technical reasons why this is so Fujifilm don’t tell you why, at least not on the camera where it would be useful. Instead you have to read the f….. Manual and unless you know where to look it might take some time.

I should point out that this isn’t limited to Fujifilm as nearly all of the other companies are becoming more increasingly guilty of the same practice; I’m looking at you Sony.

So in short remember that if all else fails, read the manual, if you cannot be bothered you could always try Google and may even find some help at other Fuji user’s websites such as this one that I found when I was trying to work out how to use Program shift on my X-Pro1.

You could also copy the manual onto your smart phone or tablet by downloading them from their website: Fuji’s X-Series Manuals.