Nikon releases V3


Nikon have now announced the third revision of their top-end Nikon 1 body, the V3. Whilst there is some great technology in the V3 (just like the V1 and V2) Nikon has typically decided to “hobble” the camera in some areas. They give you almost 100% on-sensor AF control and then decide that you don’t need a built-in EVF. They give you a new 18MP resolution and 60P video and then don’t allow any exposure control with any of the 3 control dials on the camera. That 60P video is only 10 minutes!

What we don’t know is how much this will cost in the UK or when it will become available; unfortunately past experience will means that it will cost more than the competition. 😦

It’s a shame that Nikon don’t really get the mirror-less market because if they did this would be an awesome camera!

You can read the press release here.

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