Fuji Reviews and not taking things personally

Fuji-X-T1 Body+Lens

The Fuji X-T1 has been out for a couple of weeks now and has received many glowing reviews. It is hard to find anyone saying something bad about it; sure it is not flawless (no camera is) but I have to say that with out a doubt it is the best digital camera that Fuji has made. In fact it is one of the best cameras on the mirror-less range (possibly in the DSLR range?) today.

We all like to read positive reviews about something we have already purchased or have decided to purchase; this is natural. So when you read something that isn’t a glowing recommendation from a photographer you have great respect from it is a little disheartening. I’m talking about Michael Reichmann who posted his thoughts about the camera on his Luminous Landscape web site. At first I was disappointed that Michael did not feel the same way about the camera but that is his prerogative and is his right (it’s his website too).

Although I think that he missed some of the good points his main problem was that because Fuji have gone for retro controls you cannot have any pre-set custom modes. This of course is true and I have had many cameras (mainly Canon’s) that have had custom modes but I rarely used them as I never knew what to pre-set them to; the only exception was one of the EOS 7Ds that I had, I purchased the Birds-As-Art EOS 7D guide which had some suggestions as to what to set the custom modes to. At the time I had two EOS 7Ds and I could be bothered to set one of them up. So not really a problem for me.

I will say that I think that press a button and/or rotate a dial is probably the fastest way to set a setting but I also don’t mind setting something via a dedicated dial too. My XC 50-230 Fujinon lens has to have its aperture set via the rear dial on the Fuji body that it is attached to.

So Micahel doesn’t like the camera as much as me. I don#t take this personally. 🙂