Sometimes I don’t understand reviews

Sony Cybershot RX10
Warning! This is a small rant about DPReview’s recent review of the Sony RX10, you can read this here. I have linked the conclusion page as this is where I have a small problem. I have to say that this is a very interesting camera and Sony should be commended for designing and manufacturing such a camera.

Whilst the the list of “Cons” are low I don’t understand why they think that this camera (in their words) is “Pricey”. Now I am under no illusion that this camera is cheap but why are they still convinced that the camera (in the UK) still costs £1049! It stopped costing this much a few weeks after release, currently it retails for £879 on WEX Photographic and that is with a free Sony RX10 case too.

Another camera they recently reviewed which now costs more than the RX10 is the Fujifilm X100s (£899 in Silver and £999 in black), you can read their review of this camera here. You will note that this conclusion has more “Cons” but none of them are that it costs too much.

Fuji X100s

Now you may say that I am comparing apples to oranges and to a certain degree I am; but they are both fixed lens cameras with lots of features (you could argue that the RX10 is the better camera) and both cost around the same but the RX10 is not pricey and hasn’t been for some time. I don’t own the RX10 so this isn’t a defence of something I own (or intend to own) I just wish that this “con” that reviewers keep talking about would be a non-issue by now.

You should also not take this as a dissing of the X100s as I would like to own one of these; I am waiting for the Black version to reach price parity with the Silver version.