Fuji X-T1 Flare Issue and Fix

Fuji-X-T1 Body+Lens

In a move that totally shames another company whose name I won’t mention, Fujifilm in just 8 days after the issue was found have agreed to fix any X-T1s that have this issue. This was a few days ago (14th March), but I wanted to point out how good Fujifilm are compared to some of the big players out there.

Rather then regurgitate the whole articale you can read Fujifilm’s press release here (click on the image to go to Fujifilm’s UK site):

I will be contacting them this week to get my X-T1 which is in the batch mentioned booked in for the fix.

Should this issue have happened? No. However, the fact that Fujifilm have owned up to this and are actively dealing with this so early on after the issue was found is a good example of the company doing the right thing.


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