Photoshop Lightroom 5.4 and Lightroom Mobile released


I suspected as much. This week is Photoshop World week, this is the bi-annual event organised by NAPP (Scott Kelby’s company) and one of the main events of each show is a keynote from Adobe and surprise surprise they finally announced Photoshop Lightroom v5.4 which brings with it X-T1 support as well as Fuji Film profiles too. I also hope that this release fixes many of the bugs that seemed to creep in at the last version upgrade (5.3). The Camera Raw plugin is also updated to a final v8.4 too.

I normally include download links to the latest versions but you can now get these updates from any Creative Cloud membership and frankly you will need one of these if you wish to use Photoshop Lightroom v5 for the iPad!

What I didn’t expect today was a full release of Lightroom v5 for the iPad.

This is no pre-release, no beta, no Release Candidate (RC) but the full version and to use this you need any of the Creative Cloud memberships; I can already hear the people who will bitch and moan about being forced into going for a membership. I think that paying less than £9 a month to get the full version of Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge and now Lightroom for the iPad is a bargain!

Lightroom Mobile runs on iPad 2 or later with iOS 7 or later. Lightroom 5.4 for Windows or Mac OS is also required. It is not available for the iPhone or any android device today (although versions are being developed) is only available in English, French, German, and Japanese langugae versions (again more are being developed) and it supports all of the RAW formats supported by Lightroom v5.4.

More detail can be found on Adobe’s website here. They also have a ton of videos about how to use the new tool and I wil be looking at these after work :(.