Resolution of Light-Leak issue on Fujifilm X-T1

Fuji-X-T1 Body+Lens

As I have stated in a previous post, I had to send my X-T1 to Fujifilm UK to have its light-leak issue resolved. I should point out that this is not an issue I have noticed (I probably would have never noticed) but it could be an issue in the future. As a side note it helps maintain its re-sale value when that day comes; hopefully not for a couple of years or until the X-T1s/X-T2 is available.

I was quite impressed with the speed that it took to have the fault corrected – exactly 2 weeks from ringing Fuji to having the repaired X-T1 back in my grubby mitts; it actually took 2 weeks and a day as no-one was in when the courier firm originally tried to deliver it back to me.

I have summarised the process below:

On the morning of Monday 24th March I rang Fujifilm UK and reported the issue, after providing the usual information I was informed that a pre-paid box will be sent to me and I was to pack the camera (no battery, memory card, camera straps or lenses should be sent with the camera) into the box. I of course left the body cap and grip terminal cover attached.

The following day a box arrived from Fuji containing another box (for the XT-1), instructions for return and a pre-paid and addressed Special Delivery bag. As this was a warranty repair I had to also include a copy of the receipt too. Fortunately I finish work at 4PM and arrived home in about 20 minutes so I had time to package my XT-1 and take into our local post office.

The instructions in the box say to allow 2 to 3 weeks for the repair to take place.

On Wednesday I received an email form Fuji reporting that they had received the X-T1.

As I was told that the repair could take 2 to 3 weeks I did not feel the need to contact Fuji and having no news is usually a good sign.

On Friday 4th March I received another email reporting that the Fuji was on its way back to me. This meant that they would probably try and deliver this on the following Monday; which presented a problem as no-one would be there (all week).

As suspected on Monday (7th March), I had a note reporting that they had tried to deliver the X-T1 and could not as there was no-one was present. However, I had managed to arrange to work form home on the Tuesday so that I could receive this on the following day.

By default, the courier firm used by Fujifilm in the UK will automatically try and deliver the item on the next day unless told to do something else. So on Tuesday 8th March I had the repaired X-T1 in my hands.

The report from Fuji reported that they had replaced the door to fix the light-leak issue. This is the only confusing part of the overall process.

And no they did not do anything to the D-pad buttons they are still too recessed and are not comfortable in use, I only hope that either a) Fuji offer a service to replace them with better buttons or b) a 3rd Party comes up with a solution to make the buttons easier to press.

So all in all a very simple process and the only problem is that you are X-T1’less for a couple of weeks. It just meant that I had to use my X-Pro1 and X-E1 for that period – life is hard :).