Fujifilm release XT and X100/X100s accessories

It has been known for some time according to the rumour sites that Fujifilm were close to release a Tele Conversion lens for their X100 series cameras; this includes the X100s too. What wasn’t known was that they would also release a host of accessories for the XT-1 camera too, one of these are also compatible with the other X series interchangeable lens cameras and a Finepix model as well.

Tele Conversion Lens TCL-X100:
Fuji TCL-X100 Tele Lens

Fujifilm already had a “Wide Conversion Lens WCL-X100” that reduced the 23mm focal length to 18.4mm (i.e. a multiplication factor of 0.8). Whilst the standrd 23mm lens on the X100 has the same FOV (field of view) as a 35mm lens (in 35mm full-frame terms), the 18.4mm is equivalent to a 28mm FOV lens.

The Tele Conversion lens, as it name implies will increase the focal length by a multiplication factor of 1.4. This means that the focal length is now 33mm which is equivalent to a 50mm FOV lens (technically these are rounded up values as the actual focal length will be 32.2mm equivalent to the FOV pf a 48.3mm lens).

For more details, click here. There are many photographers out there that only use the X100/X100s and many of these have the WCL-X100 already, adding the TCL-X100 gives them 3 of the classic effective focal lengths of 28mm, 35mm and now 50mm too. All of this in a small package, add a few spare batteries and memory cards in a small bag could be everything most photographers could ever need.

I can see an X100s in my future but that won’t be for a while yet as I still have a few “gaps” in my X-Series interchangeable lens set-up to fill first (I really, really want that 23mm f1.4 lens!). This brings me to the other announcements made by Fujifilm.

More XT-1 Grips:
When the X-T1 camera was announced/released, two optional grips were also announced. There was the MHG-XT which added an arca-swiss plate to the bottom of the camera (with a cut-out to allow access to the battery) that also came a standard tripod socket now in line with the lens on the camera. This grip also added a bit more to the already built in grip of the X-T1 body:

Fuji Hand Grip MHG-XT

They also announced at release their first battery grip the VG-XT1 which allowed two batteries to be connected as well as provide portrait shooting controls too. I have one of these that I occasionally attach to my XT-1:
Fuji Vertical Battery Grip VG-XT1-small

Fuji have now announced two more, the “MHG-XT Small” and the equally logically named “MHG-XT Large”, these are simply variants of the original MHG-XT grip.

The MHG-XT Small is basically the MHG-XT without the grip and is simply an arca-swiss plate:
Fuji Hand Grip MHG-XT Small

The MHG-XT Large is the MHG-XT but with a more substantial grip (for larger hands):
Fuji Hand Grip MHG-XT Large #1

Fuji Hand Grip MHG-XT Large #2

Other bits and pieces:
Not content with simply releasing the conversion lens and XT1 grips/brackets, Fujifilm also decided that it was time to announce 3 more accessories too.

The first of these is not just for the XT-1 but according to the Fujifilm website the can also be used with the following camera bodies and body+grip combinations:

  • FUJIFILM X-Pro1, X-Pro1 with HG-XPro1 / MHG-XPro1,
  • X-T1, X-T1 with MHG-XT / MHG-XT Large / MHG-XT Small / VG-XT1,
  • X-E2, X-E2 with MHG-XE / HG-XE1,
  • X-E1, X-E1 with MHG-XE / HG-XE1,
  • X-M1, X-M1 with HG-XM1,
  • X-A1, X-A1 with HG-XM1,
  • X-S1 / X100S / X100
  • FinePix HS50EXR

This is the Grip Belt GB-001:
Fuji Grip Belt GB-001

This is something I am interested in and blogged about (well actually it was an update to the My Gear page). I have tried the Canon E1 Strap with the XT-1 and the VG-XT1 attached and it was no good as the grip was designed for shutter button on the front face of the camera body (i.e like most DSLR’s) and not on the top of the camera. Without twisting my finger I couldn’t use the strp and take pictures.

The fuji design seems to take this into account. So long as it isn’t astronomically priced I might get one of these in preference to another Gordy Strap (I have on on each of my other Fujifilm bodies, the X-E1 and the X-Pro1). I still think that adding a Black Rapid strap of some kind might be needed as well but there is no reason I cannot use both.

The next accessory was expected as one of the “Fuji Guys” mentioned this in their first XT1 videos:

This is the “Long Eye Cup or EC-XT L”, this provides a larger eyecup to the viewfinder of the XT-1. This is something I have to have and is one of things I most miss from my Nikon D3/D3s days, I am really happy now I can have a bigger eye:
Fuji EC-XTL Long Eye cup

The final accessory is one that most X-T1 users should own in case you lose them. This is the “CVR-XT” Cover kit and includes replacement covers for the hot-shoe, the battery grip terminals (on the base of the camera body) and finally one for the flash sync terminal. In fact apart from the battery-grip terminal cover the others can be used of some of the other X-series bodies too:
Fuji Cover Kit

Not bad for what I expected to be a non Fuji news day!