Leica T announced today

Another day and another Leica. This time it is the Leica T 701; they really need to come up with some numbers that mean something. Officially this isn’t going to be announced until 9am UK time, you can see the other world-wide times on Richard’s blog here.


As you can see from the picture above they have decided to go the Sony NEX 5/Fuji X-M1 route of having no built in viewfinder, but like the NEX it can take an add-on viewfinder. From what I can gather this is not a re-badged Olympus job but something much better.


The camera is being released with two AF lenses, that look suspiciously like the Panasonic Leica lenses, not the new ones but the 25mm and 45mm macro that were released a few years ago. The 23mm is effectively a 35mm (on a 35mm full-frame effective Field-of-view) lens on the APS-C sized sensor, whilst the 18-56mm lens is 27mm to 84mm. Unfortunately neither of them are that fast, the 23mm is only f2.0 whilst the zoom lens is unknown at this stage.

There are a few firsts for Leica though, the T has built-in WiFi that has an associated iOS app that was (prematurely) released yesterday that offers full remote-control as well as the usual download options, you can read a bit more on Richard’s blog post too. We have 16GB of built-in storage; I am not sure that there are any SD/CF slots as well but the limited detail out there implies this is not the case.

We have a very Apple like Aluminium uni-body design for the main body, a touch-screen display (there aren’t many controls) and there are two control dials that remind me of the NEX 7 but instead of Tri-Navi these are only dual-navi. There are no shutter speed or aperture dials in sight and there is a built-in flash and a hot-shoe that must have extra contacts for the external EVF.

The main “killer” feature here is that although the camera won’t take manual focus M-mount lenses directly but by way of an adapter can have them attached. Whilst this in itself is nothing new (Fuji make a very good M-mount adapter for their Fuji cameras), the Leica T can read the coding on the newer lenses and then adjust settings including corrections for certain lenses in-camera.

So something quite new from Leica and not something that I will likely buy as it is going to be a bit pricey and if any of their previous releases are anything to go by quite difficult to purchase initially; there are still people trying to get their Leica M’s. If I had an investment in Leica lenses it would be a different storey.

Either way I would love to try one out, maybe Richard will get one (although I know he likes built-in EVF’s). I would keep an eye on Richard’s blog as he is going to have a lot to say about this camera over the next few days. For now head over to the Leica Rumours site for more detail and after 9am you should be able to see more on Leica’s own web site.