A few thoughts on the Leica T 701


So now that we know what the Leica T camera is and what it costs I would like to write about my thoughts on this camera.

I am impressed! 🙂

There you go, I am not a Leica user or owner and for the first time I am thinking about getting one. I won’t be pre-ordering one and I suspect that it will be some time before I do purchase one as I want to continue expanding my current Fujifilm set-up first. I have just pre ordered an L -bracket for the X-T1 and VG-T1 combo for example.

Leica should be commended for producing such a camera with an innovative feature set. Something that both I and many of the review sites have stated is that if Apple were to produce a camera this is what they would have come up with. I certainly wasn’t expecting a touch-screen based camera and form Leica! I wasn’t expecting the body to cost only £1350 for the body (I was thinking around £2500 or higher).

In fact the prices are amazing for Leica:

  • Body: £1350
  • 23mm f2.0 lens: £1350
  • 18-56mm f3.5-5.6 lens: £1250
  • OVF (with built in GPS): £400
  • Leica M adapter: £300

The OVF has a built-in GPS – more thinking outside the box and at £400 for a Leica built unit is dirt cheap; most external OVF’s cost £200-£250 and external GPS units (from Canon and Nikon) cost £200 or more. So at only £400 is a bargain.

The lenses are proper Leica lenses and not re-badged Panasonic ones. These are Leica designs with Leica glass and are excellent (pity that the zoom is a bit slow but you cannot have everything).

The strap system whilst 100% propriety is another innovative design and I love it.

Simple things like the battery where the plate that covers them is part of the battery is another excellent idea, apparently this comes from their larger (and much more expensive) S-series designs. They even have two batteries available, one with a silver end and one with a black end depending if you go for the Silver or Black version of the camera.

The Silver body will be available at the end of May, whilst the Black will be available from around July.

You can read more about the camera at these sites:

Richard and Caroline’s Blog
Steve Huff Photos
Thom Hogan

I want to just re-iterate that this is a truly innovative camera design from Leica at a reasonable price. Some sites (DPReview) are saying that it is too expensive. I am saying that it isn’t and for a Leica this is a game changer, I see these selling out for many months to come. Sure the sensor is from the X-Vario and is now over a year old, yes the OVF is external and maybe it doesn’t have a certain feature you require but however you look at it this is a sexy looking camera that I would like to own.

P.S. I originally wanted the Black model but I know think that the Silver body is better looking.

P.P.S. Normal Fujifilm related service will resume next week


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