The strange phenomenon of the photographic internet ‘superstar shop assistant.’- A Rebuttal

David Taylor-Hughes over at his popular “Soundimageplus” site has posted a new blog entry yesterday about his dislike for the various videos that are regularly posted on YouTube by “glorified shopkeepers” at such sites as “The Camera store”, “Digital Rev” and even at “The Fuji Guys”.

You can read David’s post here.

As much as I admire David and his site (a site I visit almost daily) I have to disagree with him on this issue as I really enjoy watching these videos. It is nice to see professionally edited videos with bits of humour here and there; I do agree partially with his comments about Kai’s toiler humour as he can sometimes go a little too far but every time any of these people post a new video it goes into my must-see category and is watched soon after.

If it wasn’t for these sites we wouldn’t have had the hilarious Mirror-less Party video from The Camera Store.

The point of these sites is all about Entertainment, Marketing and Advertisement! It seems to be a phenomenon outside of the UK for non-brand camera stores (as each of these are) to be the norm. In the UK we have Jessops (although this is a shadow of its former self) and London Camera Exchange. We also have Park Cameras trying to expand as well as a few non-brand stores that have 2 or more shops.

These shops are trying to differentiate themselves from the competition and by “marketing” these videos on YouTube they “advertise” that they are special and if you are in the area you will go there instead of any other camera store.

So they might not be your cup of tea but to be fair they are not aimed at the non–local population. However if I were to be in Calgary at some point I would certainly pop in to “The Camera Store” and buy both Chris and Jordan a beer for their videos.

Latest The Camera Store Video:

Latest Digital Rev TV video:

Recent Fuji Guys Video:


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