Boultham Park Dog Walk


On the morning of Sunday 18th May my father and I decided to take the dogs for a walk; it was going to be a nice sunny day and we went out before it got too hot. Rather than taking them around the block we went to Boultham (pronounced “Boot-em”) Park. So as not to tire them out before we got there we went by car. It also gave me the opportunity to take some pictures with my X-T1 and 50-230mm XC lens; I also took the X-E1 with the 18-55mm lens but this never left the bag 😦 )

As you can see they are both Sih Tzu’s; that’s Zara on the left and Seska on the right. They are from separate litters and parents, Zara is 3 weeks older than Seska.

As we got nearer to the main pond in the centre of the park, my dad took both of the dogs so that I could use two hands for most of these photo’s. Some of these were taken with one hand on the lead and the other on the camera.

I took some broken up bread with me to see if this could bring the wildlife a little closer. Although these were mostly birds, there were also a few Grey Squirrels around trying to get some of the bread:

When I first arrived there were a pair of Mute Swans with 2 cygnets, I couldn’t get a good shot as they soon swam to the other side of the pond. However, one of the parents came back for some food:

Although there were a lot of different bird species, the noisiest were the Canada Geese, these were also more aggressive too, they wanted most of the bread. I did my best to share it around a bit:

There were also a lot of mallards around including half breeds such as this vocal chap:

But as it was a nice day, lazing in the sun was OK for these Mallards:

Although I saw cygnets and some ducklings too, it was a bit early for the Common Coots, most of these were still tending to their nests:

Or foraging for food:

As I ventured around the lake sometimes with Seska and sometimes on my own I had another opportunity to get a picture of the cygnets. However just before I could a friendly dog came up and forced the Swans and Cygnets back into the safety of the water. I did however get this nice shot:

Canada Geese weren’t the only geese around, there were quite a number of Greylags too, this one posed for me:

We also saw a lot of Carrion Crows, they weren’t fazed by the larger birds:

I also saw lots of Moorhens, Black-headed Gulls as well but didn’t get any decent shots.

The dogs, dad and I had a great time. The only problem is that the X-T1 can rattle of a lot of shots making the editing a bit long winded; I need to slow down a bit.


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