Alton Towers – May 2014

I recently spent two days with my sister and her family at Alton Towers, the fact that we all have Merlin passes means that we tend to go around 3 times a year as this is the nearest place that takes the Merlin pass to me here in Lincoln. This was Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th May. Later in the year I will be going to many other places that takes the pass including Thorpe Park, Chessington, Madame Tussauds, the London Dungeons and the London eye to name a few but I digress.

The main reason going to Alton Towers is to go on the many rides that they have here, such as Nemesis, Oblivion, The Smiler, Air, Rita and Thirteen; there are many more suffice to say after 2 days you adrenaline is on over-load (which to be frank is the whole point). The one that scares me most though is “Oblivion”, there is something about that drop!

This is the first year where we (donned with full water proofs) had go on the Battle Galleons, the aim of this is to soak and be soaked by total strangers whilst either riding on one of the “galleons” or from a stationary “turret”. Every one is fair game if they are in range and everyone takes this as fun, if you aren’t prepared to get wet you shouldn’t play. Unfortunately, though I remained dry my trainers weren’t water-proof and are still drying in the airing cupboard. Whilst we were still soggy we also went onto the Congo River Rapids, normally we use the water guns and shoot the riders of the rapids (as my brother-in-law says its the best £1 you can spend), £1 gets you 10 shots. Having other people try and soak you provided a different perspective.


One of the things that I particularly like about Alton Towers is that it is in nice surroundings and there is always lots to do and see. The main structure (apart form the various attractions) is the building the park is named after. There are also lots of grass, water and vegetation around making it a beautiful place, there is even a very well looked after garden you can visit too if you want.

Naturally, with all of the greenery and water there is a fair amount of wildlife usually present I saw everything from Rooks, Grebes, Mallards, to Canada and Grey lag Geese. This time of year many of them have are rearing young. I saw at least 3 sets of Greylag Geese with many goslings. All I had with me was my iPhone 5s (I know the best camera, etc. etc.) so the images aren’t as good as they could have been from an noise and resolution perspective but they are OK.

There were many large Greylag Geese families around with their goslings in the park. Whilst waiting for my Sister and Brother-in-law to have a final go on the Smiler, I notice one of these families not too far away:

I approached slowly making sure that the parent goose saw me:

Although the older goose was wary, one of the golsings was a little more daring and cam quite close:

Whilst the gosling was close I took a video, the iPhone takes pretty good HD video (I uploaded this one to YouTube a few days ago).

My nephew was with me and naturally wanted to play with the geese:

I took this opportunity to grab a quick shot of him:

There were also a number of Mallard ducks and ducklings in the park:

This duck family was very friendly:

So Alton Towers isn’t just for the rides and attractions (which I really enjoy) but is also in nice surroundings with some local wildlife too.