Perception is stronger than reality

The title says it all and is something that I am more than familiar with in some aspects of my job.

Samsung are running a campaign called “Ditch the DSLR” and whilst I might not think that their cameras are the best ones to use as an example for such a campaign it is something I personally agree with my for my kind of photography.

I recommend that you watch this video:

The perception here is that the DSLR takes better photos, but both cameras are the same. I think its amazing that the amount of people who were swayed into thinking that the picture taken with a DSLR would be superior, but the pictures were taken with the same camera. This means that on some level (even maybe on a subconscious level) a lot of people are prejudiced against mirror-less or more likely non-DSLR cameras.

This shows how many people think that to take the best photos you MUST use a DSLR camera. The road to dispel this myth is very long and I applaud Samsung for doing something like this. 🙂

This has reminded me of a campaign that Microsoft was running towards the twilight years of Windows Vista (i.e. before Windows 7) whereby they invited people into booths across the US to show them a “new” operating system; it was called “Project Mojave”. The overall opinion of the “new” operating system was extremely positive, there was no new operating system, it Windows Vista. Perception does not equal reality! A video about this can be found below: