Precarious Swan Nest Update

I had to pick up a parcel from the Lincoln Sorting Office on Firth Road this lunchtime, the most direct route there takes you down the side of the Brayford and near the Precarious Swan NestTM so I took my camera with me, the X-T1 and XC 50-230m f4.5/6.7 OIS lens. On my way there I could just see the body of the Pen (female swan) on the nest and not far from here was a Cobb (male swan) swimming in the Brayford Pool.

As my friend Mike and I got nearer the cobb left the pool right next to the nest, it was obvious that he and the pen were a “couple”. Whilst we tried to get some pictures of them together the pen got up from her nest; this is the first time I have seen her do this, I quickly counted and I think there were 5 un-hatched eggs.

The reason I am not sure is that as she got up she started to cover them with the downy parts of the nest:

Any they are now all covered:

Once she had finished, the cobb had a quick look and decided that the nest needed some DIY up; a stereotypical bloke moment:

He found a nice twig on dropped it onto the nest, here is the twig in mid-flight towards the nest:

The Pen never ventured far from the post and obviously needed a break, she had a quick snack and a drink from the pool:

I would have liked to stay longer but needed to get to the sorting office before it shut 😦