Precarious Swan and hatched eggs

I have been blogging about the Precariously located Swan NestTM for a few weeks now and although I confirmed that there were some eggs on the nest a few days ago I could see that the eggs had not hatched. I ventured on my usual route towards the nest to see if anything had happened; as usual I had my trusty X-T1 and XC 50-230mm lens with me.

At first I couldn’t see but the Mute swan on the nest had her wings partially extended:

So I crouched down and waited a little, at that point the swan stood up:

If you look hard enough you can see that there are 3 cygnets in the nest:


The third cygnet has only just hatched:

As is usual with young animals they are very inquisitive:

I took a short video too:

I will need to visit the nest on Tuesday to see if there is an increase in the number of cygnets, there are 4 or 5 eggs so there may be more tomorrow. As soon as they have hatched and are dry they will probably abandon the nest so I need to keep on this; unfortunately I am going away on business on Wednesday and Thursday so I might miss their last few days on the nest. 😦


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