Brayford Swans and a couple of ducks

Following on from the post yesterday which you can read here, I wanted to see if the Mute Swan on the precarious nest had any more hatched eggs, I was not sure how many eggs the swan had laid (4 or 5 was my estimate).

All pictures were taken with the X-T1 and XC 50-230mm lens.

On the way to the nest we passed this female Mute Swan (Pen) with a single cygnet which is quite unusual, they normal have larger clutches of eggs. I have seen this single cygnet sometime with one parent as n this picture and sometimes with both:

Not long after this my friend Mike and I arrived at the location of the precarious nest. At first we couldn’t quite see how many cygnets were there, just a mass of fluffy grey feathers:

Whilst trying to see how many cygnets were present, the Pen started to feed herself:


This in turn awoke the cygnets, we could start to see some heads, eyes and beaks:

We couldn’t be sure but it looked like there were 3 or 4 cygnets, 3 on her side and 1 under the wing:

The Pen lifted her wing to show the fourth cygnet:

She then stood up to stretch her wings:

Here they all are:

After taking (too?) many photographs Mike and I continued our walk along the Brayford (Lincoln University side) and saw another family of swans with 3 cygnets, at the front the Pen was flapping her wings a bit, the Cobb (male swan) was sitting down:

One of the cygnets had its left leg crossed:

Finally just around the corner were two Muscovy Ducks which take the prize for the most unusual looking duck I have ever seen: