Really Right Stuff L-Plate for XT-1 and Battery Grip


Not long ago I wrote that the Really Right Stuff (RRS) L-Plate – the BVGXT1-L – for the Fujifilm XT-1 body and the VG-XT1 Battery Grip was in stock; you can see that post here.

What I didn’t know at the time (as I got no shipping email) was that my L-Plate had already shipped; it arrived on Saturday (14th June), I had to get it from the Lincoln Parcel Force depot as there was £32.93 worth of duty to be paid:

_CGB1163 (Custom)

As promised I have created an un-boxing and first look video as follows:

As is normal with Really Right Stuff’s products, the BVGXT1-L is a very well machined and anodised part:

It fits the Fujifilm X-T1 and VG-XT1 Battery Grip combo very well:

It is designed so that the rear screen can be tilted and the also allows the battery in the grip to be removed:

The plate also provides clearance to the strap-lug at the bottom of the battery grip, I will need access to this once I get around to purchasing Fujifilm’s wrist strap the GB-001:

You will note that the L-Plate has no additional ¼-20 tripod thread (like most other plates do) so it will need to be removed if attached to anything that does not use the Arca-Swiss mounting system. It should be noted that both of my PhotoMadd L-Bracket-Grip’s for my X-Pro1 and X-E1 have ¼-20 tripod threads.

A summary of the ordering sequence is as follows:

  • The L-Plate was pre-ordered on 24th April
  • The L-Plate was shipped on 4th June
  • The BVGXT1-L arrived on 14th June (not bad 10 days from US to UK)

The L bracket is priced at US $175, this is before any sales tax and shipping costs; the shipping to the UK was $40.57 bringing the total to $215.57 which at today’s exchange rates comes to £128.10, it will actually cost me slightly more than this as the credit card company will have their own rate and commission charge too.

As mentioned earlier, there was an additional charge from customs and excise (paid to Parcel Force) of £24.93 VAT and £8 handling charge (£32.93); this comes to a grand total of £161.03 + any credit card charges (normally only a couple of quid).

This is why I don’t buy many items from the US, the extra charges and delivery are very high. Don’t get me wrong I am really pleased that I have the RRS L-Bracket but would prefer if a UK company provided one of these; maybe PhotoMadd will if there is enough demand. It should be noted that he does do an Acra-Swiss L-bracket + grip for the X-T1 without the battery grip here.

To find out more about the “Really Right Stuff L-Plate for the Fuji XT-1 with battery grip VG-XT1”, or maybe order one as they are now in stock and shipping, you can visit their site here.



10 thoughts on “Really Right Stuff L-Plate for XT-1 and Battery Grip

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  3. Stephen Scharf

    Congrats on your RRS L-plate for the X-T1! I didn’t know they made one for the X-T1 specifically for use in conjunction with the X-T1’s battery grip, but it’s very cool that they do. I will be ordering an L-plate for my X-T1 very soon. I have an RRS L-plate and grip for my X-Pro1 that I like very much.

    I also use their tripod and monopod clamps. “RRS rocks!” as we say here in the ‘States. Fortunately, I live north of RRS in Northern California, so the shipping and duty issues really aren’t. I agree that someone should start distributing RRS stuff in the U.K. because their products surpass just about everyone else’s in my experience.

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  5. John Barclay Photography

    Which cable release are you using? I have the RR-90 I think it is and it does not work well with the RRS brack for the X-T1 WITHOUT the grip… I have the grip and will get this “L” bracket too but want to know which release… thanks.

    1. Ottokite Post author


      No problems, I have a Canon RS-60E3 which is left over from when I had a Canon EOS 70D. This plugs into the 2.5mm microphone jack on the X-T1 but will function as a remote release. This also works with the X-E2 an possible some of the other X-series cameras too. However any third-party $5 Canon compatible release should work. The only downside is that you cannot use the microphone port and any video will have no or corrupted audio because it is trying to use the release that is plugged into the microphone port. Hope this helps.


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