The precarious (Swan) nest is now vacant

Over the last few weeks I have been writing regular posts about a precariously located Mute Swan nest on the banks of the Brayford pool adjacent to a public footpath. Recently the eggs that the Pen (female Swan) had been incubating had hatched and four cygnets were present, this was on Tuesday last week and due to work commitments I wasn’t able to see them until the Friday (when the photos in this post were taken).

I ventured on my usual route towards where the nest was located and noticed the single cygnet with its mother:

But when I got near the nest I could see that it was as expected vacant; however, I did see a family of Swans and cygnets; the cygnets looked the correct size for recently hatched swans so I think this is the same family as they were only a relatively short distance away from the nest. They were all resting on the old boat jetty that the resident birds (mostly swans) are often found:
NOTE: The photo has been rotated to show the Pen and the cygnets more clearly.

The cygnets were only a short distance from the Pen:

However both the Pen and the four cygnets were under the watchful eye of the Cobb (Male swan):

The cygnets were quite docile and were clearly trying to sleep but every now and then they would wake up and take a look around:

And at times stretching their legs:

As is typical with most yound animals, cygnets are very cute:

Even when they look straight at you:

So it was nice to reach a conclusion to the Precarious nest posts and I hope that all four cygnets survive what is the most dangerous time for them and become full sized swans. There are a lot of adolescent swans on and around the Brayford this year (you can tell as they still have a few brown and grey feathers) so let’s hope that 2014 is another good year.

As I am interested in nearly all forms of wildlife I tried getting some pictures of the fish that live in the Brayford pool. This task would have been easier with a polariser and a sun that wasn’t directly overhead but nevertheless I had ago. With a bit of playing in Lightroom I was able to get an OK shot which is below:

This isn’t technically a great shot but you can see that the fish are certainly swimming around and it was quite calming to watch them. There are literally thousands of fish in the various waterways that interconnect the Brayford Pool.