Weight of lenses and shutter noise

Thanks to the Lincoln Photo week, I have had the opportunity to try out a large number of DSLR cameras with an equally wide range of lenses from standard zooms to extreme telephoto lenses over the last week. You can read some of my thoughts about this in my “Lincoln Photo Week overview” blog post which I posted last week.

One of the things you will see in the post more than once was what I thought of the weight and bulk of the lenses. You have to be a weightlifter to do any serous hand-holding of them, maybe it’s because I am out of practice after exclusively shooting a CSC over the last few months (4 months and counting so far). I remember the days where I would think nothing about using a large pro DSLR with equally large mid-range telephoto lens but unless I was travelling anywhere by car it was always left at home. I remember going to Whipsnade Zoo with my brother-in-law and my 2 ½ year old nephew. I took along my Canon EOS 1D MkIIn and a number of Canon’s L lenses in a Lowepro Stealth Reporter D650 AW camera bag (I still have the bag):
Lowepro Stealth Reporter D650AW

I cannot remember precisely why but my brother-in-law had to carry my bag for a short while and he was surprised by the weight. Thankfully, these days are behind me and I can take two cameras with me each with a zoom (18-55 and 50-230) with spare batteries and memory cards and still have space in my Lowepro Event Messenger 150:
Lowepeo Event Messenger 150

The weight of the bag is much lighter (and smaller) than my last camera bag which was a Clik Elite Escape PhotoBackPack:

It was a serious commitment to bring this to work and many days it was left at home and I NEVER shot from the bag. Granted the EOS 5D MarkIII with 24-105mm f/4 IS L Lens and 70-200 f2.8 IS L Lens is not the same as the Fujifilm cameras and lenses that I have now but they are much heavier an bulkier. Once the new Fujinon f/2.8 zoom lenses are released later this year we will begin to be able to match systems to truly see the difference in size and weight.

During the same period of time you will see from my blog posts that I have taken quite a few photographs with the XT-1 and XC 50-230mm zoom lens. I have to say that is refreshing that I can do this with a system that is much lighter and smaller. I take this bag to work nearly every day and always shoot from it.

The second thing that I have been reminded about is shutter noise or the almost lack of this with the X-T1. It certainly isn’t silent but is much quieter than any DSLR as there is no “mirror slap”; although Sony’s SLT DSLR “style” bodies don’t have this problem due to their fixed semi transparent mirror. The fact that the shutter is smaller because the APS-C sized sensor is smaller also contributes to the overall reduction in shutter noise.


I have noticed that when I am reasonably close to wildlife they don’t react the same when I take pictures of them and I contribute this to the overall sound that the camera makes when it takes pictures, the continuous low speed which I use a lot is very quiet.

Again during the LCE photo-week I got to use a lot of DSLR camera bodies and most of them were louder than my X-T1 (the same goes for my X-E1 and the X-Pro1, although the X-Pro1 is noiser when focusing some lenses).

Fuji-X-T1 Body+Lens

So any thoughts of moving back to another DSLR system (which might be more capable) has been pushed out of my mind, thanks to the London Camera Exchange’s Photo-week. I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t the intention but nevertheless this is the outcome for me, at least. Thank you.