Fujifilm unveils “Fujifilm X World”

Amongst all of the other things that are Fuji related over the last few weeks Fuji also released a new photo service and no one says anything about it. This looks like it could be a very interesting portal. The press release which can be found here states:

Fujifilm X World seamlessly brings together photography from the world’s social networks via its ‘real-time’ photo stream and strong focus on imagery captured with Fujifilm’s range of award-winning cameras. The new cloud-based storage service makes it easy to store and access images or share your collection of photographs with friends, family and social networks. The integration with services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ makes this possible and also gives people the opportunity to follow Fujifilm via these channels.
“The world of digital photography has changed with people now taking more and more pictures and at Fujifilm we understand that people want a really simple place to upload and share images with friends and family.” commented Marc Horner, Web Development Manager, Fujifilm UK. “We’re always looking at ways to help photographers share the images they take on their Fujifilm cameras. We believe that Fujifilm X World will help link together all of the best content across the globe and inspire others to take their photography to the next step.”


Fujifilm X World key features:

  • Upload photographs to the free secure cloud storage facility
  • Take inspiration from around the world with beautiful images sourced from leading social networks
  • Effortlessly share images on social networks or with family and friends
  • Access all of your photos anytime, anywhere
  • Celebrate photography; and make the most of your images
  • Keep updated with latest news and special offers from Fujifilm
  • Take part in our photo competitions with the chance to win fantastic prizes


You can go straight to Fujifilm X World by clicking here.

I hope to follow up this post with a second one next week when I have had a chance to try the service out.