Canon Flash Part 3 – Chargers

This is part three of my four part blog posting about creating my Canon based off camera flash system. I recommend that you go and read parts one and two first if you haven’t already, part one can be found here and part two can be found here.

Maha MH-C801D Charger-2

After choosing the rechargeable batteries my next item needed was a suitable charger, here the general recommendation is to go for one of the Maha 8-slot chargers. The usual source for this kind of item was again Amazon UK; but as with the Enloop batteries, there are quite a few variants of these too along with varying prices. This is what I found from searching on Amazon:

  1. Maha MH-C800S Precision Charger Dock for 1-8 Cell AA/AAA Battery @ £49.95
  2. Maha MH-C801D 8 Independent Circuits Intelligent Fast Charger for AA AAA Batteries @ £57.95
  3. Maha MH-C810D Eight Cell 1-Hr Charger with 8 Independent Charging Circuits @ £62.00
  4. Maha MH-C808M Intelligent Fast Battery Charger for AA AAA C D Sizes @ £74.95

It took a bit of detective work to makes sense of the various options and even going to Maha’s UK website site did not give an immediate sense of which model to go for – no comparison table. However the site did reveal there are only 3 variants of the 8 slot charger, so both 2 and 3 in the above list are the same charger even though they had a different price.

To help choose a suitable model I tabulated the features of each model so that I could perform a comparison:

Features: Charger Model
801S 801D 808
Battery Support 1-8 AA / AAA Batteries in any Combination 1-8 8x AA / AAA Batteries in any combination 1-8 AA / AAA / C / D NiMH or NiCD batteries in any combination
Selectable Soft and Rapid Charging Mode Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Deep Battery Conditioning System Yes Yes Yes
8 Independent Charging Circuits Yes Yes Yes
Display type LCD Display LCD Display Comprehensive LCD display with white backlight
Precision Microprocessor Controlled Yes Yes Yes
Worldwide compatibility Yes Yes Heavy Duty Worldwide AC Adapter
1 Hour Charge support No Yes Yes
Build Quality Standard Standard Simply Rugged: No Spring-loaded Contacts
Low-Temperature Charging Algorithm No No Yes
Price on Amazon UK £50 £60 £75

From the table you can deduce that the 801S is the “budget” model, the 801D is a slightly better specification with a 1-hour charge option and the 808 is their professional rugged model.

Maha MH-C801D Charger

I will go for the 801D as this seems to have the best balance of price and features.