Sigma 18-25 f1.8 lens – First Impressions

Sigma 18-35 f1.8 Lens
The sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | A lens to give it its full name was another lens that the High Street LCE store in Lincoln let me have a go of on my EOS 70D. I wasn’t looking for a fast lens in this range but whilst they had the third-party cabinet open it seemed an ideal opportunity to give it a go.

This is one of Sigma’s Art lenses (hence the “A” in the name) and like a lot of their latest lenses is a premium lens with a premium price tag -£649. This is a lens exlcusivley designed for cropped sensor Digital SLR cameras which is why the focal range seems a bit unusual and the aperture seems very fast.

This is therefore equivalent to a lens with a field of view of 29-56mm @ f2.8 when you factor in the 1.6x crop factor of the EOS DSLR camera.

So what did I think?
I have to say I wasn’t really impressed and it was least liked of the triumvirate of lenses that I tested this week. That f1.8 aperture means that there is a lot of glass in there and this in turn means this is not a light lens and I am not a fan of heavy photographic items.

Unfortunately I think it was over-hyped quite a lot so when I (eventually) had a go it was a bit so was a bit of an anti-climax. The lens is razor sharp, has relatively fast AF and produces a very bright image in the viewfinder of the 70D. I reviewed my test images and they were all very good.

The main problem with the lens for me (along with the weight) is that the focal range isn’t wide enough. It needs to be something around 16 – 50mm -maybe physics has something to do with the range, I think adding Sigma’s OS would also help too. As I said I wasn’t looking for a standard lens replacement and if I were I think that something like the Canon EF-S 17-55mm IS would be a better solution.

You can read all about this at Sigma’s site here if you are interested.